The Ren development team is joining Alameda and the wider ecosystem.

What Is Secure Enclave Hardware?

Permissionlessly Leverage or Yield Farm with Bitcoin

What is uUSD from UMA?

How it Works | Welcome to Yield Farming

  • SNX
  • REN
  • CRV
  • BAL

  1. With Curve integrating RenVM via RenJS anyone can now use native BTC in Curve Finance, allowing the public to deposit and start earning trading fees on BTC immediately.
  2. This integration also facilitates the seamless movement between BTC and WBTC, creating the first low-slippage on and off ramp for WBTC that does not require any sign-ups! You simply send in BTC and get WBTC in return.
  3. Further, this provides an important foundation for advancing DeFi’s utility in other ways. The renBTC <> WBTC pool opens the door…

Foundational Roles | Three Facets of the Ren Alliance


Interoperability For DeFi Has Arrived

What is RenVM Chaosnet?

Taiyang Zhang


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